Everybody Wants to be Famous

So, week three of January and week two of music because I’m a little disorganized and that’s who I am as a person amIrite?

But perhaps millennials should stop “relating” so much. That is some low-grade intellectual banter. The OhmyGod that is so me, no mate it’s so everybody, everyone likes to sleep, binge drink, binge watch Netflix and generally disregard ways to progress themselves as people. Down with memes I say.

Its pushed stuff that we once had a passing interest in, most likely in childhood, to the forefront of our consciousness. See unicorns, mermaids, harry potter paraphernalia, Disney. We’ve self- created a market that in its first existence was your Mom tagging you in something on face-book.

In my case, it’s mermaids. I was obsessed for a longer amount of time than I’d care to admit. But after being tagged in memes and countless articles about mermaid classes, what your mermaid name is Quiz (I’m an OG mermaid, so all you fake motherfuckers stay back, my mermaid name was, and is, Jacinta), it became almost a chore. I would have to feign delight at yet another mermaid related scenario when in reality I was massively over it. Unicorns too, what could be rarer than a glitter horned mythical creature whose existence is yet to be*, confirmed?

Selling them in Penny’s, for a fiver.

Let’s take a second to recognize that this special strain of vapid consumerism exists in real life purely through social media. In the words of Mike Skinner the Gawd.

The boys in MGMT are feeling a certain kinda way about this too. They are working on their fourth album, Little Dark Ages, due in February and mention the topic of the generational addiction to smart phones.

Take the colorfully baroque funk of new track “T.S.L.A.M.P.” Short for “time spent looking at my phone,” it reflects the discomforts the duo, both 34, have with the modern technologies — YouTube, Facebook, iPhones, and more — that have become omnipresent since their singles “Kids” and “Electric Feel” stormed the alt-rock airwaves in 2008. “It’s a universal feeling these days, where every day I find myself so frustrated that I’m just glued to my phone screen,” VanWyngarden reflects. “It seems like it just keeps getting worse, like constantly. I hate that I can’t go to the bathroom without checking my phone. I have it by me when I’m going to sleep and I look at it when I wake up.”

It sounds like they have split the difference between the weird yet commercially crafted songs of the first album and the free-flowing acid rock, draped in synth that made up their successive albums. Working with Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann and a cohort of co-collaborators that are people like them “We wanted to make music for the freaks out there.”.

Coming up on that wave is Superorganism. An eight piece band from everywhere but now mostly based in London. Listen to the floaty beautiful Everybody Wants to Be Famous and try not to like it.

While I continue to have mixed feelings about Drake, mostly influenced by my favourite blogger BigGhostLtd, who has taken against him in a massive way and describes him as

“the muthafucka most likely to have a gateway to Narnia in his closet aka The Michael Buble of Rap or that nigga witta beatin vagina for a heart that you be hearin on the radio sandwiched between Katy Perry n Lady Gaga joints all day aka Justin Biebers beard” you cannot fault his work ethic.

He just dropped Scary Hours with two singles, the oft grammed Gods Plan, for all you ballers out there and Diplomatic Immunity with a disappointingly un-juicy J-Lo reference and his usual existential rich person crisis Just enough to get the crowd crazy. Nice one Aubrey!


Author : Fenagh O’Mahoney

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