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It’s rainy and grey and upsetting. Walking to the bus and its only March, but also its fucking March? Wild son.

I’m also a bartender so there’ll be no reckless carryon by me the weekend, screaming baseless smack talk at rugby players on tv, placing bets that would put Frankie four fingers to shame, asking large men who would win in a fight me or them. Saying over and over that St. Paddy musthuvforgottenafew SHNAKES if you’re still around.

 You know the uj.

So in order to escape this doom and gloom I turn to my trusty Spotify to try and visualise better times.

Thankfully this came easily in the form of Leon Bridges newly released song,

it’s definitely a different direction to his last material the hazy romantic 60’s inspired songs of debut album Coming Home. This is a little reined in on Bridges vocals but the horns are honeyish, and I’m getting more than a few Anderson .Paak vibes, give it a few listens. If you’re looking for something a little more like what you’ve been used to from Bridges, listen to his collaboration with Odesza on Across The Room.

Side note, I’m really getting into French pop since hearing Jacqueline Taieb Cillian Murphy’s impressive BBC takeover of Iggy Pops radio show.

I like to think of lengthy brunches in my loft apartment whilst poring over the New York Times with my similarly underdressed French lov-air and these are playing on vinyl. Don’t you just love Sundays?

My other picks include

Juliet Armanet


Christine & the Queens dancing like a comet and giving Disco vibezz to some Beyonce and she’s not French but kinda looks it Dillon.

What has also been hard-core on my playlist is he DEFINITELY STILL GOT IT, Big Daddy Kane’s NPR Tiny Desk.

And just for the week that’s in it, my favourite Pogues song Sally MacLenane.


Author: Fenagh O’Mahoney

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