Recently having to write a piece for my internship about the music scene in Cork I was running fairly tight on a deadline (so unlike me, it’s crazy roooght?) so I enlisted the help of my good lady friend Aoife O’Neill.

She’s kicking ass and taking names on the DJ sceeeeeeeene (absolute scenes too I’ll have you know) in Cork and nationally. Check it out below.

Aoife O’Neill is a rising figure on the music scene in Cork city. A Kerry native, Aoife made the move from Tralee to Cork city almost two years ago and has not looked back since.

She had previously lived in Cork as an attendee of UCC and “always loved Cork. I thought it was such a beautiful city.”

After a few stints living abroad, she began to take DJ’ing seriously when she moved back to her hometown of Tralee. However, she found the music scene quite lacking in diversity and opportunity. She cast her attention towards Cork and the exciting music and arts scene. She quickly found the opportunities to DJ network and polish her craft were all around. She said she didn’t find the transition hard, the electronic music scene is small in Ireland and found herself in a familiar landscape.

Aoife quickly made a name for herself playing a range of venues including sober lane, the Vicarstown and the favourite for those in the know, the Sextant. She was playing regularly in Pigalle on Barrack Street before getting a monthly slot in Cask where she still plays her particular brand of house techno and funk.

Aoife is now running her own night, Out of Space, which takes place once a month in the Roundy. It comprises of a three hour set of house electro and disco and “nothing too heavy”. Aoife usually plays and will then be followed by a local or national DJ.

Aoife also has a show on Dublin Digital Radio on the second Wednesday of every month where she gets to play a broad spectrum of electro and synth pop. She is relishing the chance to play stuff that she normally wouldn’t get a chance to.

While she is excited about the music scene in Cork, the loss of the Pav, the Salt and Minus were losses keenly felt. The upside is that the DJ’s of Cork have taken it upon themselves to create.

“I’m really excited to be involved in a more leftfield type of music event in Cork City, the Cork Sound Fair and that will be hosted in 2 of the most historic venues in the city St.Peters Church and Cork City Gaol with my friends DJ Conor Ruane (another non Cork native, making waves on the scene) & Steven Harrington”

Aoife is cutting down on bar gigs to allow herself to pursue personal projects but recommends the monthly Sunday Times with “a great selection of guests and residents” as a must see and also the Open Ear Festival on Sherkin Island this Summer “I’ve never been but its held in such a stunning location and I’ve heard great things so I can’t wait to check it out this Summer.

Information on everything Aoife has talked about can be found at the following links:

Follow her here for more…

Also, more girls that I am currently loving are Billie Eilish, an LA based singer with a beautiful voice that is wrapped around her pointed full of attitude lyrics. She’ll be all over your radio soon.

SZA forever and always her hair is massive, her videos are art installations, her aesthetic feels like coming home when you didn’t even know you were away. Check out this acoustic video of her singing in a forest wearing some sort of amazing combination of rags and lingerie barefoot. Ugh, she gives me life.

At the tender age of 18, ROE has already earned herself a spot at Glasto on the BBC Introducing Sounds stage. The multi-instrumentalist describes her music as ‘grumpy. I like her hair and I like her. Currently, I can’t stop listening to Cheek Boy.

Marcia Griffiths or the Queen of Reggae…out here still snatching wigs with this easy swinging reggae. This song is genuinely a coping mechanism for me surviving the Winter. This is one of my favourite Beatles songs to be covered, and boys she did it well.

Kali Uchis… you may know her from her song ‘One Girl’ and Tyrant (featuring the hunreal Jorga Smith) creeping up on the airwaves but what about this song with Tyler the Creator & Bootsy muthafuckin Collins? The video is praying hands emojiis by five, she looks like a 70’s love interest from a cheesy soap opera and Sir Bootsy is in animated form on a cereal box..what more do you want?


Author: Fenagh O’Mahoney

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