Nice For What

Last week saw the release of two songs using the same sample, Ms. Lauryn Hills Ex Factor.

Drakes Nice for What and Cardi B’s Be Careful, what this says about the state of the mainstream music industry I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. On the year of the 20th anniversary of its release no less. She is touting it but only in the US, so only Stans need apply I’d say.

What I will say is that on the first few listens Nice for What got me mad hype; struttin’ down the road weak for my own bones, “had a man last year/life goes on” and “you really pipin up for these n*****/you gotta be nice for what to these n*****” stick out in particular as empowering, feel it on my soul shit.

But. Unfortunately, and this is my ongoing problem as a female hip hop fan you gotta question everything, especially the misogynistic lyrics which are so common place.

A lot of it is flagrant, a lot of it is inexcusable and I can’t reason it. But tis better the divil you know than the divil you don’t as the beor says. Drake is half in half out, and he needs to leave it out. One minute he’s a (Canadian) G/rude boi and the next he’s a beors best friend.

He does this through the use of ambiguous lyrics, the Twilight template of rap “I like a woman with a future and a past”, omg that is soooo…everyone bro. Everyone has a future and a past

running on the treadmill only eating salads” hope Drizzy don’t catch me eating white bread, I’ll no longer fit into my jeans or his narrow definition of women.

Look it’s catchy and I’m still bumping it. I said what I said. Also, I’m probably reading too much of the hilarious Big Ghost Ltd., he is gas, and crazily knowledgeable. Have a read

With regards to Cardi, she is by no means an amazing rapper or singer, but she’s got a lot of heart and I love her and I’ll rep her all day. She is a daycent live performer and the transparency she displays in her latest offering as a meditation on her fiancé doing the durrt, is simultaneously empowering and tragic, which I don’t know about you but that’s exactly what I’m looking for in my hip hop.

“You got me trippin/you got me looking in the mirror different/thinkin I’m flawed cause you inconsistent” Wooo, you got me feeling exposed out here Cardi.

Get further empowerment by listening to my new favourite Lizzo the definition of self love

and also my Kildare homies Tebi Rex checking their male privilege with Men R Trash.

Check them out on Spotify, couldn’t find a link for this song.

For all you Cork beors and feens they are playing a FREE gig at An Bróg next Thursday as part of Music Cork showcase gig. My other picks are Kojaque and Le Boom who are playing Cyprus Avenue, the same night. Have a look here for the rest of the lineup.

Jack White, Leon Bridges & Ben Howard just released albums which only means tour dates! Nothing from Ben or Jack yet the elusive whures but Leon Bridges is playing the Olympia on the 7th of November, definitely get tickets before they go, a great intimate venue to see him.

Author: Fenagh O’Mahoney

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