Nice For What

Last week saw the release of two songs using the same sample, Ms. Lauryn Hills Ex Factor. Drakes Nice for What and Cardi B’s Be Careful, what this says about the state of the mainstream music industry I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. On the year of the 20th anniversary of its release[…]

Feengurls New Music Picks for Yo Ears

It’s rainy and grey and upsetting. Walking to the bus and its only March, but also its fucking March? Wild son. I’m also a bartender so there’ll be no reckless carryon by me the weekend, screaming baseless smack talk at rugby players on tv, placing bets that would put Frankie four fingers to shame, asking[…]

Neo Soul & Funk

Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years…says the genre of funk and soul but we on some new wave shit today, hence the neo, so you know I’m college educated. Kicking us off is St. Paul & the Broken Bones a.k.a  “Dammmmmn white boy can sing”, I’m allowed to say that because[…]