Feengurls New Music Picks for Yo Ears

It’s rainy and grey and upsetting. Walking to the bus and its only March, but also its fucking March? Wild son. I’m also a bartender so there’ll be no reckless carryon by me the weekend, screaming baseless smack talk at rugby players on tv, placing bets that would put Frankie four fingers to shame, asking[…]

Proof Irish People Are All Of The Craic!!!

So we wore a pair of Snapchat Spectacles at The Beatyard festival at the weekend and captured this glorious moment on the dart home on Sunday night when a packed dart from Dun Laoighre to Dublin city broke into Bohemian Rhapsody followed by a little rendition of OASIS of course….and The Auld Trianlge. We were even[…]