Yop Westmeath!

Ah January…in my overdraft and in my feelings, FINALLY, the end of January is nigh. It has been an emotional rollercoaster. I have laughed, cried, made a fool of myself in front of the good looking bus driver, pulled the push door three times in a ROW, and that was all just this morning. Not exactly living my best life…unlike Tyler the Creator at the Grammys (see above picture for reference)

Salve for my soul during this trying time has included potatoes, hot water bottles, singular surprise cans of Stella and the full body cringe experience that is watching First Dates Ireland. What else can one do to placate themselves living under the long shadow of capitalism?
Art..is what sets us free. So without further ado. These are my picks this week.

The Streets just dropped a new track today; If You Ever Need to Talk I’m Here. I felt nervous pressing play on this but Mike Skinner is giving us his best with his stream of consciousness narrative on modern life over some deceptively complex beats.

Next is a cover that I recently found, a collaboration between Bishop Briggs and my boys Cold War Kids giving us their interpretation of Rihanna’s Love on the Brain.

I love this song by OVO signed dvsn (and yes they’re Canadian) it’s a little D’Angelo, little the Weeknd and fully a juicy little R’n’B jam. See if you can get some of Eminem’s Stan vibes on the bass.

If you’re looking to dip your toes in the festival scene abroad, may I recommend Barcelona’s Primavera Sound. The lineup is very diverse, including acts like The Black Madonna, Arctic Monkeys, Four Tet, Migos and my heart and my soul, the National. Definitely something for everyone in the audience. There is no camping but the grounds are easily accessed and you should have no problem sourcing an Air BnB.

Nos Lostros in Lisbon, Portugal has three day tickets for €149 & this one is camping if you’re still hankering after an authentic experience. Without the mud. Win win.

Also out forden the beer & wine are super cheap. Now I don’t actually drink wine outside my own house but that’s my own business.

Closer to home if you’re looking for some filth for your ears, the Life lineup was partially announced. Never fails to be an absolute belter of a weekend. YOP WESTMEATH. Adam Beyer, Fatima Yamaha & Mall Grab being my personal picks. Don’t forget our boys Mango x Mathman riding high on the success of their Wheel Up E.P. Listen to this bouncy chat from Mall Grab to get you in the spirit of tangz.

I’m going to leave you with Kendrick tha GAWDs Grammy speech what a cool ass dude rocking his cool ass Matrix trench coat. DAMN.

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